Participants of the workshop.

Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop 2014

Participants of the workshop.
Image: Cornelia Jäger
  • Rationale

    The Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop 2014 was organized with the support of the DFG Priority Program "Physics of the Interstellar Medium" (ISM-SPP 1573). Like its previous editions, it aimed at bringing together the Laboratory Astrophysics community of Germany to present and discuss their recent works. It was also the opportunity for us to meet with guests from abroad.

    This year we intended to emphasize laboratory studies related to cosmic dust: formation of analogs, characterization of materials, chemistry at surfaces, processing, etc.

    Scientific Organizing Committee

    Thomas Henning
    Cornelia Jäger
    Harald Mutschke
    Gaël Rouillé

    Local Organizing Committee

    Cornelia Jäger
    Harald Mutschke
    Gaël Rouillé

  • Invited Speakers
  • Programme

    October 16-18, 2014


    17:00-18:00    Registration

    18:00-19:45   Get-together dinner

    19:45-20:00   Welcome speech

    20:00-20:45   The Evolution and Spectral Properties of Interstellar Dust - Anthony P. Jones


    09:00-09:45   Interstellar Ice Processes: Recent Experimental Results - Guillermo Muñoz-Caro

    09:45-10:15   Formation of Silicates at Cryogenic Temperatures - pdf - Gaël Rouillé

    10:15-10:45   Formation of Large Organic Molecules on Dust Grains (from Prebiotic to Amino Acids Molecules) -  Jean-Louis Lemaire

    10:45-11:20   Coffee break

    11:20-12:05   The Center for Astrochemical Studies at MPE - Paola Caselli

    12:05-12:35   Excitation and Cooling of Large Molecular and Cluster Ions  - Andreas Wolf

    12:35-13:45   Lunch break

    13:45-14:30   Dust Processing and Mineralogy in Protoplanetary Disks - Jeroen Bouwman

    14:30-15:00   Variations of Interstellar Grain Properties in Galaxies: a Clue to the Origin of Dust - Svitlana Zhukovska

    15:00-16:00   Coffee break - Poster session

    16:00-16:45   Spectroscopy of Soot as Analogue of the Interstellar Dust - Thomas Pino

    16:45-             Workshop Dinner at The Wartburg, Eisenach


    09:00-09:45   Physics and Chemistry at the Surface of Cold Grains François Dulieu

    09:45-10:15   Spectroscopy in Ion Traps - pdf - Pavol Jusko

    10:15-10:45   Ongoing Developments at the Kassel Laboratories for Astrophysics - Guido Fuchs

    10:45-11:20   Coffee break - Poster session

    11:20-12:05   Atom Addition Reactions in Interstellar Ices - New Pathways Towards Molecular Complexity in Space - Gleb Fedoseev

    12:05-12:35   Ultra-Low-Temperature Reactions of C( 3P0 ) Atoms with PAH Molecules - pdf - Serge A. Krasnokutski

    12:35-13:45   Lunch break

    13:45-14:30   Presolar Dust in Meteorites and Comets: Ancient Records of Stellar Nucleosynthesis and Early Solar System Processes Jan Leitner

    14:30-15:00   New Instrumental Developments on Terahertz Spectroscopy with Relation to Astrophysics - Alexey Potapov

    15:00-15:30   Coffee break

    15:30-16:15   A New Method and First Measurements on Contact Forces of nm Water Ice Grains - Gerhard Wurm

    16:15-16:45   Measurements on the Far-Infrared Absorption of Crystalline Water Ice - Harald Mutschke

    16:45-17:00   Closing words


    Understanding Deuterium Chemistry - Methods: Action Spectroscopy in Cold Ion Traps - Oksar Asvany, Sabrina Gärtner, Pavol Jusko, Sandra Brünken, Lars Kluge, Alexander Stoffels, and Stephan Schlemmer

    Understanding Deuterium Chemistry - State-to-State Rate Coefficients - Oskar Asvany, Sven Fanghänel, Christoph Konietzko, Sabrina Gärtner, and Stephan Schlemmer

    Towards Understanding the Astrochemistry of Refractory-Compounds - Alexander Breier, Thomas Büchling, Christian Endres, Sven Thorwirth, Karl Menten, Jürgen Gauss, and Thomas F. Giesen

    The Thermal Reaction of Acrylonitrile and Oxygen Radicals on Analogues of Interstellar Dust Grains - pdf - Helen J. Kimber and Stephen D. Price

    Rotational Spectroscopy of Cold Molecular Ions by State-Specific Helium-Attachment - Lars Kluge, Alexander Stoffels, Sandra Brünken, Oskar Asvany, and Stephan Schlemmer

    Understanding the Internal Torsion and Bending Motion of Dimethyl Ether via Isotopic Studies - Pia Kutzer, Björn Waßmuth, Olivier Pirali, Pascale Roy, and Thomas F. Giesen

    Laboratory Measurements of the Far-Infrared to Millimeter Dust Opacity of Amorphous Mg/Fe Silicates - Pierre Mohr, Harald Mutschke, Frank Lewen, and Alexey Potapov

    Ion-Induced Erosion of Carbon Grains: Implication of CO and CO2 Formation in Molecular Clouds, Protoplanetary Disks, and on Icy Objects - Tolou Sabri, Cornelia Jäger, Giuseppe A. Baratta, Maria Elisabetta Palumbo, Thomas Henning, Giovanni Strazzulla, and Elke Wendler

    Developments in Mid-Infrared Supersonic-Jet-Experiments -  Daniel Witsch, Steven Ingunza, Volker Lutter, Alexander Breier, Guido Fuchs, and Thomas F. Giesen

  • Location and Accomodation

    Location and Accommodation

    The workshop took place at the Am Burgholz hotel in Tabarz, Thuringia.

    Hotel Am BurgholzExternal link
    Am Burgholz 30
    99891 Tabarz
    Tel: +49-(0)36259-54-0
    Fax: +49-(0)36259-54-19100
    E-mail: info(at)
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