Members of our group and guests present some of their latest results within a seminar held together with the laboratory astrophysics group of the Astrophysical Institute and University Observatory. This seminar takes place usually every Friday starting at 8:30 am in the Seminar Room of the Observatory (Schillergässchen 2). For convenience it may also be held on another day and/or time at the same place or, exceptionally, at a nearby location. The schedule posted below is provisional and may be modified at any time. Check it out regularly for possible last-minute changes.


Winter semester 2017-2018

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
- - -


Summer semester 2017

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Th. 13 April - Setting up the seminar program for the semester
Fr. 28 April P. Seeber Computational methods in chemistry - Quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and reaction system modelling
Fr. 5 May G. Rouillé Co-condensation of cryocooled molecules including carbon chains and silicon oxides
Fr. 12 May H. Mutschke/D. Häßner THz spectroscopy of ice particle agglomerates
Th. 18 May
2:00 pm
D. Semenov Guest talk: Astrochemistry in the era of ALMA
Fr. 9 June H. Walter Irradiation-processed carbon
Fr. 16 June J. Greif T-dep. sub-mm measurements of carbonaceous dust analogues
Fr. 23 June A. Potapov Optical constants of silicates-water ice mixtures: first measurements in the 4000-200 cm-1 spectral range
Fr. 7 July S. A. Krasnokutski Low-temperature condensation of carbon


Winter semester 2016-2017

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Fr. 21 October - Setting up the seminar program for the semester
Th. 26 October P. Mohr FOR2285 videoconference
Fr. 4 November - Conference The Past and Future of AstroPAH Research, Noordwijk
Fr. 11 November H. Walter How different photon energies process carbon differently
Fr. 25 November - European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics, Madrid
Fr. 2 December A. Potapov Kinetics of reactions of carbon-based large molecules and nanoparticles in the gas phase
Fr. 6 January
8:45 am
C. Jäger Conference report: ECLA 2016
Fr. 13 January
1:30 pm
Hörsaal 3
Helmholzweg 3
T. Hoppe Joint guest talk: Stardust in meteorites
Fr. 20 January A. Potapov Formation of astronomical molecules in ice-dust analogues
Fr. 27 January A. Gucsik Guest talk: Summary of the nanomorphological investigations of olivine grains from asteroid Itokawa and preliminary results of the in-situ spectroscopic study of carbonaceous material of the Kaba meteorite


Summer semester 2016

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Fr. 15 April - Setting up the seminar program for the semester
Fr. 22 April G. Rouillé Conference report: the EPoLM-2 meeting
Fr. 29 April
- Colloquium Stars and Planets and celebration of the 60th birthday of Prof. Dr. Thomas Henning
Mo. 2 May
5:15 pm
J. Blum Joint guest talk: Wie entstanden die ersten festen Körper im jungen Sonnensystem?
Fr. 13 May - SSHADE meeting, Grenoble
Fr. 20 May H. Mutschke The SSHADE database structure
Fr. 10 June
1:30 pm
Hörsaal 3
Helmholzweg 3
G. Wurm Joint guest talk: From planet formation to dust devils on Mars: some physics of (cohesive) granular matter in radiation fields at low ambient pressure
Fr. 24 June - Meeting of the MPIA Fachbeirat, Heidelberg


Winter semester 2015-2016

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Fr. 23 October - Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop 2015, Heidelberg
Fr. 30 October - Setting up the seminar program for the semester
Fr. 6 November - Paneth Colloquium - DFG SPP 1385
Fr. 13 November
1:30 pm
Hörsaal 3
Helmholzweg 3
S. Zhukovska Joint guest talk: Cosmic dust lifecycle with 3D numerical simulations of the Interstellar Medium
Fr. 20 November G. Rouillé On the photostability of PAH molecules
Fr. 27 November H. Mutschke Optical constants of diopside
Fr. 4 December - Research group FOR 2285 kick-off meeting on 15-16 December
Fr. 11 December C. Jäger X-ray irradiation experiments
Fr. 18 December J.-B. Bossa Guest talk: Porosity and band-strength measurements of multi-phase composite ices
Fr. 8 January P. Mohr Conference summaries I
Fr. 22 January A. Potapov Guest talk: High-resolution spectroscopy for laboratory astrophysics
Fr. 5 February S. A. Krasnokutski Building bridges with carbon atoms on and between fullerenes


Summer semester 2015

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Fr. 24 April - ISM-SPP Period II Kick-off School/Workshop
Fr. 8 May G. Rouillé Spectroscopic characterization of PAH molecules: phenyl derivatives - Are they relevant to astrophysics?
We. 20 May
3:30 pm
Hörsaal Biologie
Erbertstr. 1
J. Cami Guest talk: Cosmic fullerenes
Fr. 29 May A. Gucsik Guest talk: The Kaba meteorite: a study of asteroidal processes in a primitive carbonaceous chondrite
Fr. 5 June H. Walter Record of deeds
Fr. 19 June S. Krasnokutski The reactivity and condensation of C and Si atoms
Fr. 26 June H. Mutschke MIR optical constants of diopside
Fr. 10 July P. Mohr (Sub-)millimeter spectroscopy of silicates


Winter semester 2014-2015

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Fr. 26 September
9:30 am
A. Nanni Guest talk: Dust formation in thermally pulsing AGB stars: the link between theory and experiment
C.-C. Giese Guest talk: Aquous alteration of PAHs in meteorites
Fr. 24 October - ISM-SPP school and workshop "Laboratory Astrophysics"
Fr. 7 November - Setting up the seminar program for the semester
Fr. 14 November - PSF Retreat 2014
Fr. 21 November
10:15 am
H. Mutschke Conference report (AIU seminar): Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars III
Fr. 28 November H. Walter On scientific writing - abstracts
Fr. 5 December - Compensated by special seminar on 26 September
Fr. 12 December H. Kimber Propyne reactivity in interstellar ices
Fr. 16 January S. Krasnokutski The reactivity of ground-state carbon atoms
Fr. 23 January G. Rouillé New results on the photodissociation of PAH derivatives
Fr. 30 January P. Mohr The low-T, far-IR absorption of Fe-containing amorphous silicates
Fr. 6 February D. Fulvio Formation of carbon chains and C2H2 by laser ablation of graphite
Fr. 13 February T. Sabri Gas-phase condensation and processing of interstellar dust analogs in astrophysical environments


Summer semester 2014

Date Speaker Title or compensating event
Th. 24 April
4:15 pm
S. Krasnokutski Ultra-low-temperature reactions of C(3PJ) atoms with PAH molecules
Fr. 2 May - ISM-SPP meeting
Tu. 13 May
9:00 am
T. Posch Guest talk: 15 years of facts and failures on oxides in stardust
Fr. 16 May H. Mutschke Far-IR spectroscopy of water ice
We. 4 June
2:00 pm
P. Mohr (Sub-)millimeter spectroscopy of silicates
Fr. 6 June S. Góbi Guest talk: Investigation of flexible molecules and their complexes by VCD spectroscopy and Carbon chains and C2H2 in Ar matrix
Fr. 13 June A. Gucsik Guest talk: Present status of a research project on the shock stage determination of the Itokawa particles
We. 18 June
2:00 pm
A. Brieva C60 as a probe for astrophysical environments
Fr. 27 June - Double-feature seminar on Fr. 4 July
Fr. 4 July
1:30 pm
T. Sabri Gas-phase condensation and processing of interstellar dust analogs
A. Gucsik Guest talk: Spectral properties of nanodiamonds
Fr. 11 July C. Jäger EELS measurements of silicate condensates